So just a little bit about my website and what it runs on. I just don't have anything else to put here.

This site was first activated on December 3rd, 2001 as a Christmas present from my Dad. It used to be, but the first year I tried to renew it, it was mistakenly called It worked out better as I have more than one computer room now. The entire website is hosted from my own servers on my own internet connection. My media streams directly from my website or as a web application. I host downloadable files, both over HTTP and FTP, a SharePoint site, and a Wiki site. All runs from this location.
There are 2 Dell servers running all of this. The main server is a Dell PowerEdge T610 with 2 Xeon 8-core CPU’s and 48GB of DDR3. With VMware’s ESXi 6.5 installed on it, this is my main media server, the game server, and the secondary domain controller. The second Dell server is a Dell PowerEdge T410 server with 2Xeon Quad-Core CPU’s and 16GB of DDR3. This second one runs 2 servers. The vCenter server appliance for managing ESXi and the Primary Domain Controller.
The media server has 8 cores with 24GB of RAM feeding it. This server is not only the Plex and Serviio servers, but also the webserver, remote access server, the file server, update server, and SharePoint and Wiki servers. The 16TB Drobo Elite I have is attached to this server for both the file servers and the media servers. The FTP servers (2 of them) both run from the NAS devices. This is for FTP access to the website and the other is for the game server. The game server is a Quad-Core with 16GB of RAM. It currently hosts a Minecraft server and is a project of Austin’s now. The secondary domain controller is just a small server for Active Directory use.
All of this is behind an Untangle NG Firewall v.31.1. This is a modular firewall that sits between the Internet and This runs on a stand-alone unit with a Quad-Core Intel Atom CPU and 4GB of DDR3. This is not only the firewall, but also acts as my content filter, QoS and bandwidth control. I can monitor traffic and keep out spam and adware with it as well.
Currently (as of 10-30-2017) I have 689 Movies, 44 different TV Shows. All TV shows are either up to date or complete series. Obviously if new episodes are still being made, (Star Trek: Discovery, The Orville, etc...) then I don't have them before they air on TV. A few (not many) Music Video's, 564 Music Artists, and 622 Audiobooks. My E-Books are available for you to download if you ask. The media is automaticlly updated when I add it to the library. Sometimes the newest of the movies may show on the media server, but are not done downloading. If your video is choppy or won't play, it's probably not done downloading. Give it a day or 2 to finish.