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Jerry's Computer Room

Welcome to my Website. Please forgive any bad links, I'm still under construction.

Click below to download my Contact Card or see below for contact info.




The links below will require a username and password. The downloads are open to everyone.

Please excuse the mess. I'm remodling in here and I'm not quite done. Let me know if you find any dead links in here so I can fix them. Some of the links below need a username and password. If you need it or lost it, let me know. Check out the links below.



Android Downloads

Make sure you know what you're doing when you sideload apps onto Android. Some of these files are pre-cracked. If you're looking for something specific, send me an email and lwt me know. Make sure you allow installs from unknown sources or these files will not install. See the video below for instructions.


Asphalt 3

Assassins Creed


Guitar Hero

Monopoly - Here and Now

Prince of Persia

Sim City Metropolis

Torque Pro (OBD2)


Windows Downloads

Some of the files here have Keygens or crack files. These will cause your Anti-Virus go crazy. It really is a type of virus, but not one that infects your system negativly. Your virus scanner will pick it up because it's a work around. So if you download something from me, I don't want to hear about it being infected. If you don't turn off your scanner before you download it, it will delete it before you can use it.

 Make sure you know what you're doing. Using them incorectly can/will cause unrecoverable data loss! Some of them can even modify the System Administrator's Password or even remove it! If your unsure, see my contact page.

Windows 10

Windows Password Editor

Clonezilla Live

DBAN 2.3

SliTaz OPH Crack





Contact Information

You can park in the back by the fence. Just take the dirst driveway on the east side of the house. It's impossible to see my house at night from the road. I try to keep a light on and it's usually colored. Make sure you leave room for other to get out. It's hard to say if I'm upstairs, downstairs, outside, or in the barn. Make sure you text me that you're coming over.