Welcome to my website. Email me if you need a username/password for access.

This is really just my personal website. JerrysComputerRooms.com points directly to my house so things like monitoring services, remote connections, and media streaming can be done with a name instead of an IP address. Everything from file sharing and media streaming to security and monitoring is all done from my own personal servers. If you're watching a movie or downloading files and I reboot the modem, router, or storage device, you'll lose your connection. This all runs off of my personal internet connection to my home. If my internet is down, so are all of my services. Just remember this when downloading or streaming.
This site was first activated on December 3rd, 2001 as a Christmas present from my Dad. It used to be JerrysComputerRoom.com, but the first year I tried to renew it, it was mistakenly called JerrysComputerRooms.com. It worked out better as I have more than one computer room now. The entire website is hosted from my own servers on my own internet connection. My media streams directly from my website or as a web application. I host downloadable files, both over HTTP and FTP, a SharePoint site, and a Wiki site. All JerrysComputerRooms.com runs from this location. So browse around and feel free to leave me any feedback.