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  • I have one IBM System X3650 named DC1. Obviously this is the main domain controller. I've just started upgrading them all to Windows Server 2016 Standard. Currently running a Server 2016 internal Windows Domain. It has a single Quad Core Xeon and 8GB of RAM. There is no storage space here. Just an extra hard drive for backups. It all runs on a 6 146GB SAS HDD's 4 146GB in RAID 5 and 2 more in RAID 1. DC2 is a virtual machine. It runs as a core installation. Just replicating Active Directory really.
  • The Dell servers are VMware Servers. ESXI-1 and ESXI-2 are both Dell R900's. The each have 64GB of memory and run 4 servers each. 32 cores and 128GB of memory.
  • Pleanty of storage space as well.